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The Ex-Wife

Quick Details

  • Ages 11+
  • 15 minutes
  • Up to 1 person
  • Must arrive 15 minutes prior to booking time

  • All breakables are based on current inventory.

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Do some serious smashing in this therapeutic rage room activity

A room full of random items. Just you, your emotions, and an axe. You get to choose the axe, or the other destructive tools, but why would you? Harder things to break and much more rage to fuel you. If you ever wanted to go ballistic, this is how you’d do it.

What is included

  • Glass/Ceramics – 20
  • Small – 5
  • Pallet – 1
Age Restrictions
  • For any participants between the ages of 10-15, a parent/guardian is required.
  • For any participants between the ages of 16-17, a parent must come in and sign a waiver, or fill out online and send a screenshot showing they did.