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Temper Tantrum

Quick Details

  • Ages 11+
  • 20 minutes
  • Up to 4 people
  • Must arrive 15 minutes prior to booking time

  • All breakables are based on current inventory.

Book Now!

Unleash your rage in this anger room package for groups

A room full of enough objects to smash with a friend! The more budget friendly package for a group of 4. Feel free and feel empowered. The Temper Tantrum is the way to go for a quick release on your day off with a few others.

What is included

  • Glass/Ceramics – 35
  • Small – 10
  • Medium – 2
Age Restrictions
  • For any participants between the ages of 10-15, a parent/guardian is required.
  • For any participants between the ages of 16-17, a parent must come in and sign a waiver, or fill out online and send a screenshot showing they did.